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Our Mission Statement

The Kansas Government Finance Officers Association (KSGFOA) promotes excellence in financial management through the professional development of public servants, using education, networking, and technology.

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Member Spotlight

Danielle Young, City Clerk and Municipal Finance Officer for the City of Cheney has received the prestigious Government Finance Professional Development Scholarship, awarded to just one public finance professional in the US and Canada by GFOA each year.  In addition to the scholarship, GFOA is sponsoring Danielle to fly to Ontario to receive the award and be honored at GFOA’s annual conference.  The KSGFOA Board and membership congratulates you Danielle!Member Spotlight-Danielle Young


Joining is easy

Full membership is open to accounting, financial or administrative officials (elected or appointed) whose duties encompass significant responsibilities for accounting or financial systems, from all units of government in Kansas: State, County, School (including Colleges and Universities), City, and Special Districts as voting members with full privileges. Individuals holding teaching positions in Government Finance or Accounting at accredited Colleges or Universities may also become full members. The full membership fee is $50.00 annually. Associate Membership is available to those not eligible to be a full member, but who are interested in the principals and practices of government finance. Associate members do not have voting privileges and may not serve on the Board of Directors. The annual fee is $250.00 and includes membership for 3 named individuals and membership in any sub-state chapters of KSGFOA. Student memberships are available for those individuals enrolled full time at an accredited academic institution and pursuing a course of Study in governmental finance or accounting. Student memberships are $5.00 per year.

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